About Us

Kee Hup Supplier, based in Perak, Malaysia, is the leading signboard supplier in Malaysia since 1969. We specialize in designing, fabricating, supplying, installing, and providing after-sale services for signboards and banners and also offers comprehensive printing services.

When it comes to design, our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their brand identity, messaging, and visual preferences. Utilizing cutting-edge design software and leveraging our creative expertise, we craft bespoke signboard designs that not only capture attention but also effectively convey the desired message.

Installation is a critical phase where precision and expertise are paramount. Our experienced installation team ensures that the signboards are securely and correctly positioned, adhering to safety standards and maximizing visibility for optimal impact.

机合广告牌业供应, 总部位于马来西亚霹雳州, 自1969年以来一直是马来西亚领先的招牌供应商. 我们专业设计, 制造, 供应, 安装, 并提供招牌和横幅的售后服务, 还要提供全面的印刷服务.

在设计方面, 我们的团队与客户密切合作, 了解他们的品牌身份, 信息传达和视觉偏好. 利用先进的设计软件和发挥我们的创意专业知识, 我们打造独特的招牌设计, 不仅能够吸引注意力, 还能有效传达所需的信息.

在安装上是一个关键阶段, 精确和专业知识至关重要. 我们经验丰富的安装团队确保招牌安全正确地安装, 遵循安全标准, 并最大程度地提高可见性, 以实现最佳效果.


Why Choose Us


Great Signs And Value Your Time

Your time is money, so we've streamlined our contract and proposal process to eliminate unnecessary presentations and sales talk.

Experience Cost Savings And Added Value

Typically save you 5 - 20% off your existing signage contract, eliminating the need to chase lower prices for each location.

Build Reliable And Long-term Partnership

Believe in doing business in-person – with face-to-face communication and handshakes – we want to meet with you.